Animal Assisted Intervention International (AAII) is a coalition of practitioners, individuals or organizations, working in the field of Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI).
The objects of AAII are to;
• Establish and promote standards of excellence in all areas of Animal Assisted Intervention work.
• Facilitate communication and learning amongst Members and their staff and volunteers.
• Disseminate information to the public about the benefits of AAI.

AAII achieves its object inter alia by:
• The holding of regular Members’ meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences to share ideas, good practice and develop a clear framework for all aspects of AAI work.
• The setting of clear minimum standards and ethics in relation to all aspects of AAI work.
• The publication of information.
• The ongoing development of an accreditation procedure that will ensure agreed minimum standards are met by Members in their AAI work.
• The establishing of consistent international terminology, recognizing that there are differences in the way terminology may be used in specific countries.

English translation statutes Animal Assisted Intervention International (PDF)

Original Dutch version of Animal Assisted Intervention International Statutes (PDF)